Inner-Selfie aims to give a new perspective on human behaviour when it comes to our self-image. By delving into the ways we portray our 'outer-selves' we come to better understand our 'inner-selves'.

A Documentary Film

The documentary Inner Selfie intends to redefine self-portraiture and tells the story of how technology and self-image sharing are linked to our search for identity and self-knowledge

An artist aims to push the boundaries of self-portraiture using advanced technologies. Inspired by the artist’s work, the director decides to create his own self-portrait through the process of making this documentary.

Our perception of self-image is connected to how we form our identity, our understanding of who we are and our self-worth. We are constantly exploring our notion of self.

One way we express that is through self-portraits, which are essentially based on the idea or wish to freeze, capture or document a fluctuating but significant slice of life. Inner Selfie examines the purpose of self-depiction and how our obsession with self-images is revealed in society.

Technology provides us with new ways of exploring ourselves and is a trendsetter in that respect. So, is our desire for self-definition also driving technology? Or is it the other way around?

Inner Selfie aims to give the audience a new perspective on their own behaviour by looking at the work of an artist, through discussions with interviewees and the intimate process of making a film.

After this film people will think twice before taking their next selfie.

Pitch Trailer

At the moment we’re looking for funding and for people who would like to collaborate with us in getting this film off the ground.

In the meantime we are filming bits and pieces.

The teaser sets the mood and style for what we have in mind for Inner#selfie

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