Do you have a vision, a story or an idea on how to resolve a dilemma, wicked problem, or major issue in a sensible, hopeful, and durable manner?

Then we may be able to help transform this dream into something others will understand, feel and want.

An inspirational film, animation or documentary that will help guide us to a wise point on the horizon. Out of free will, out of inspiration, out of common sense.

We hope you will enjoy and feel inspired by the dreams we visualise. If you are sitting on a dream, big or small, that makes a positive impact, we may be able to help you.

Dream on!




We’re always looking for dreamers, like us. Do you also have a dream? A dream that brings benefits to everyone? A dream that works with the free will of everyone involved? A dream that does not blame anyone or anything?

A systemic solution that is inclusive for everyone involved? A dream that is a wise point on the horizon and may inspire others to look, behave and act into this healthy direction?

Then leave us a message.


Dream Catcher

Ar Polhuijs is a social entrepreneur, writer and strategist. He has helped multinationals, scale-ups and start-ups with pioneering initiatives on all continents. He now leads and aids initiatives that truly benefit everyone and everything on this planet. That’s why he is so passionate about capturing such dreams of any sorts and subjects; tiny to huge.

Dream Producer

Wiendelt Hooijer is a manifestor and producer of creative projects such as film, music and events. He is an energetic connector within a large network of creatives. His main goal is to work with inspiring people on building solutions for a healthy future.

Dream Director

Gabriel Bauer,is a filmmaker at heart. His passion for storytelling and inspiring an audience plays a leading role in the work he aims to do. He seeks to create stories that are able to make us see matters from a new and hopeful perspective and perhaps even inspire us to redefine who we are as human beings. At the same time working alongside a bunch of dear people he is proud to call his friends, Gabriel sets to dream on!